1. Power of life & death in tongue which of these will you choose from? One day I will perform here doing a night festival even tho, nobody has done it at all (I think)…sometimes agitation from our tight (fiery situation that comes) to our goals/dreams. Their to push us to make us move towards our dreams. So I say LIVE. I’m communicating to you (world) I need the help of all that can and willing to help me reach this goal. In return I will help you achieve your dreams. Start by listening to the music & message and we will move to the next step. So NEW MUSIC ON THE WAY!!!!🔥🔥🔥👍👍 - Mr. Makai

  2. so-how-was-your-day:

    So, How Was Your Day?


    Chocolate cupcake with vanilla ice cream.


    Three steak tacos.


    Pasta with grilled chicken (that I cooked myself).

    Morning ➛

    Wake up. First thing I do is wipe the coal out my eye then grab my Macbook and check my emails and blogs. Then shower while listening to that GOOD music Cruel Summer album. Got dressed. Ran out my building and prayed that I didn’t miss the number 6 bus. While on the bus I have my ipod on shuffle listening to anything from Kid Cudi to the Drive soundtrack. I get off the 6 at Michigan and Roosevelt then hop on the blue line. Get off at Damen and walk 2 blocks to RSVP Gallery.

    Noon ➛

    Open the shop up. Today I have a lot of deadlines to meet for Spring/Summer 13’ orders, so most of the day I’m on my computer emailing back and forth. Got two great surprises today - a package from Nike arrived which contained the Nike Lebron 9 MVP Pack (only 60 pairs made in the US), and my good friend Mano stopped by and dropped off a Treated Crew hat to me (TREATED CREW members only). After all the hoopla, I go grab lunch at Chipotle and wrap my day up with getting a few new products on the webstore from Just Don.

    Night ➛

    Late night at the store, closing. I rush to the the blue line. I put on my headphones and listen to Big Sean’s Detroit mixtape the whole way home. I tell myself everyday on my long trip home that “it’s worth it”. I get home, cook me a great quick meal - pasta & grilled chicken. I just bought the Opening Ceremony 10-Year Anniversary Book, so I read that for while - longer than I expected. Very inspiring seeing a similar store to RSVP Gallery open for 10+ years. After I read a good chunk of that book, I lay back. Turn to MTV2 and watch a episode of Guy Code. Get a few laughs. Pull out my Macbook and end my day how I started it - checking emails and blogs. I realize that I’m very blessed and fortunate to be doing what I love to do. I’m grateful for everything I have, but not satisfied.

    Three Last Things…

    1. What’s up with the shoe store next to your bed?

    I love sneakers, I have been collecting for years now. I used to have to sell candy in school just to support my addiction for shoes since my mom wouldn’t. I’ll be that 60 year old guy still wearing sneakers everywhere I go.

    2. You say you love what you do and are grateful for everything you have, but not satisfied. What will it take?

    I don’t think I’ll ever be truly satisfied. With every dream and goal I accomplish, I just have more dreams and set more goals. I associate being satisfied with being content. I’m too infatuated with becoming a better person to let that happen.

    3. What will be the title of your biography?

    "Pursuing All Things Pursuable"

    Easy lives on the south side of Chicago. He is the manager of the lifestyle store, RSVP Gallery. rsvpgallery.com @EasyOtabor

  3. streetetiquette:

    Gilt : Street Etiquette was founded in 2008 by Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs to chronicle the intersection of their world and its realities (i.e., “Street”) and their passion for traditional, gentlemanly style (which is where “Etiquette” comes in). What started out as a blog is now a brand — half moodboard of Josh and Travis’s ever-evolving, inimitable aesthetic, half incubator for groundbreaking projects like the photo shoot “The Black Ivy” (which itself evolved into a collection). Their latest major project, “Slumflower,” is an editorial shoot-cum-short film (not yet released) that further explores the duality at the core of Street Etiquette and introduces a new level of artistic edge to their work.

    We’re thrilled to be teaming up with these guys on two amazing sales: On Gilt Man, the duo has curated the keys to the “Slumflower” look, from suits and ties to shoes, bracelets, and more, while over on Gilt Home they’ve picked the pieces that define their take on interior design. Both sales include prints from the shoot, and both go live Wednesday Jan. 22 at 9pm ET. Check out the video below for more on the duo, the shoot, and the partnership.

    (Source: streetetiquette)

  4. afp-photo:

    CHINA, BEIJING : Fans watch as Rafael Nadal of Spain changes following his win against Fabio Fognini of Italy during their men’s quarter final match at the China Open tennis tournament in Beijing on October 4, 2013. Nadal won 2:6, 6:4, 6:1. AFP PHOTO / Ed Jones

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    BBC Radio 1 Full Unedited/Uncut Hour long Video of Kanye’s (@KanyeWest) Interview with Zane Lowe

  6. I just order one…

  7. roseparadegallery:

    Milan Fashion Week 2013: On The Streets

  8. roseparadegallery:

    Jay Z has teamed up with New York luxury department store, Barneys, to bring you a stylish high-end fashion holiday collection. GQprovides us with a peek into the collection, which includes a sleek Balenciaga leather backpack, a Balmain print scarf, black and ivory cashmere blankets from The Elder Statesman, a Hoorsenbuhs 18 karat gold ring, and a hoodie from Rick Owens. The collection is rounded off by a Stutterheim raincoat with gold buttons. Keep your eye out for this limited edition collection which is set to drop November 20 exclusively at Barneys.

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    Kanye West x Zane Lowe Pt. 2

    BBC 1 Radio

    Pt. 2 of Yeezus!

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     “A Name I Call Myself”. Pusha T speaks on the origin of the name for his upcoming album and much more!

    My Name Is My Name available everywhere on October 8th!

    Click here to pre-order Pusha T’s “MNIMN” on iTunes for $7.99!